Advanced Meshing for Challenging Simulation

Trelis is a high-end, commercial-grade pre-processor for complex FEA and CFD simulation. It is based on the time-proven CUBITâ„¢ software from Sandia National Laboratories. For more than two decades, csimsoft and Sandia have co-developed CUBIT to do Sandia's really challenging simulation. Now, commercial and academic users can use the tool for their tough simulation problems.

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Since 2008 SIMetris is the distributor of the pre- and postprocessor GiD in german speaking countries.

GiD is a universal, adaptive and user-friendly pre- and postprocessor for numerical simulations in science and engineering. It has been designed to cover all the common needs in the numerical simulations field from pre- to postrocessing: geometrical modelling, effective definition of simulation data, mesh generation, transfer data to analysis software and visualization of results.

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