Trelis - Advanced Meshing

Advanced Meshing for Challenging Simulation

Trelis is a high-end, commercial-grade pre-processor for complex FEA and CFD simulation. It is based on the time-proven CUBIT™ software from Sandia National Laboratories. For more than two decades, csimsoft and Sandia have co-developed CUBIT to do Sandia's really challenging simulation. Now, commercial and academic users can use the tool for their tough simulation problems.


Three versions of Trelis

Because CFD and FEA needs are different, csimsoft offers three Trelis versions:

  • Trelis FEA TM
  • Trelis CFD TM
  • Trelis Pro TM

Trelis FEA has features and mesh schemes specifically designed to meet the needs of FEA users. Trelis CFD includes powerful tools and boundary layer features for doing difficult CFD simulation. Trelis Pro combines all the features of Trelis FEA and Trelis CFD into one robust package.

The different versions can be compared on the csimsoft website.

Try Trelis for yourself

See for yourself why Trelis is the pre-processor of choice of engineers worldwide. Try Trelis Pro on your own models free for 30 days. Trial licenses are available at the Trelis website.

In case of any questions just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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