NACS 2.4 is available

We are happy to announce the availability of NACS 2.4.

NACS 2.4 is a bugfix release that mainly restores and partly enhances the functionality of NACS.

Bugfixes have been mainly carried out in the graphical user interface but also within the NACS core itself.
The bugfixes in NACS concern magnetic, mechanical, as well as magneto-mechanical features as listed below.

Concerning the graphical user interface we have improved and completely reimplemented the NACS Jobcontrol
and also improved the user interaction in terms of error messages, dialog boxes, etc..

Feature Highlights

NACS Core Features

Directional Coordinate System
The directional coordinate system now allows to define two space directions, therefore all space directions are defined and the coordinate system can be used to e.g. define orthotropic material behaviour or to prescribe boundary conditions on shaped bodies where classical cartesian, or cylindrical coordinate systems can not be used.
Concentrated Mechanical Elements
NACS 2.4 offers support for coordinate systems in conjunction with concentrated mechanical elements (CME).
In case of node-ground CMEs any coordinate system may be used, in case of node-node CMEs currently only cartesian coordinate systems are supported
New Stress and Strain Results
The following results were added for mechanical simulations:
  • Principal Strain
  • Principal Stress
  • von-Mises Strain
  • von-Mises Stress
Biot Savart Coils
The performance of simulations utilizing Biot-Savart coils has been increased in case that a simulation is halted and resumed or in case of a multisequence analysis. The Biot-Savart coil field does not need to be recomputed in those cases which leads to a performance gain.
Performance of Result Evaluation
Computation results that are derived from primary result quantities are now computed much faster than in previous NACS releases. Therefore the performance of a NACS FEA could be increased.

NACS Core Features

Some bugs reported by customers or identified by our own staff could be fixed. Please review the main bugfixes listed below

Artificial Eddy Currents
Artificial eddy currents were induced when switching from a static to a transient magnetic simulation using the edge formulation. The spurious eddy currents took a couple of time steps to decay.
Wrong Eddy Current Density Results
In the fully coupled case with updated geometry the computed eddy current density was incorrect (too high) in locations where the magnetic vector potential was not perpendicular to the velocity vector.
Geometry Update only on parts of the magnetomechanical domain
In the fully coupled case the geometry was updated only on regions with Lorentz force density applied and if there was a displacement convergence criterion defined.
Corrupted Solution in Case of Non-Conforming Mesh and Softening
If a non-conforming mesh interface was used to connect regions with softening applied onto them the solution would sometimes be corrupted.
Simulation Crash when Reaction Forces are computed on a Piles region
A simulation would crash if reaction forces should be computed on a region using the piles model

NACS Parametrization GUI Features

The ModelViewers features have been enhanced. The new capabilities include:

New Jobcontrol
TThe Job Control was completely redesigned for improved usability and responsiveness. There are now three lists for queued simulations, running jobs and finished simulations. It can now handle more than 100 jobs without becoming unresponsive. Before starting a simulation the availability of the appropriate license is checked with the license server.
User Interaction with Dialogs

The error dialog was improved to make it clearer where the error occurred in the simulation definition and what has caused it.

Now we provide also a posibility to replace a mesh file referenced in a simulation script in case that the mesh file does not exist any more. Then a dialog pops out and the user may choose a mesh file.

Finally we improved the Unhandled Error Dialog which now allows the user to send an error report directly via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

License Status Dialog
A new dialog window allows the user to review the current license state on the license server. The user may also check whether a simulation can be carried out.


The current NACS Version be downloaded from our website by all registered users.

Release Notes on Youtube

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